Migrate Existing eLearning Courses: Conversion to Adobe Captivate

Whether you have content developed in traditional MS Powerpoint, in static web pages or in paper-based Word format, hbaLearningSolutions can help you design and migrate to the our eLearning/mLearning solution to take advantage of new Desktop, Tablet and Mobile delivery options.

Keeping your existing eLearning course fresh, up to date, and consistent with the latest Internet technologies and trends is important if you want to keep your content relevant.

Moving to a the Adobe Authoring platform with all of its eLearning tools, such as Photoshop,, Audition, Premiere, Acrobat and InDesign, opens up the door to many new features and possible user experiences that perhaps didn't exist when your original course was conceived.

We can build change into the course based on the feedback and improvements you have gathered throughout the duration of your course from course participants.

We take your migrated course and enhance it in every way. This means we can review and tweak your instructional design to make your course more engaging and modern and targeted to the right staff groups. We can include new ways of ensuring retention such as knowledge check questions or activities to support the learning activity.

We can also add and enhance images, improve the overall look and feel and graphic design of your course, create and use interactive components and multi-media where needed, and even integrate new features not previously available in your course, such as quizzes and connections to Learning Management Systems or delivery via Adobe PDF or HTML5 format.

We can add Audio and Narration that will enhance the learners retention and give them a new way to experience the content rather just then reading slide content

We can work with the content to ensure that it meets Accessibility requirements set out in AODA and WCAG 2.0 standards.

We can design templates that will allow your elearning authors to update content on a regular basis once the conversion is completed.

Our migration and conversion process can take your already existing Online elearning, web page based or paper based course and re-charge it for maximum effectiveness and longevity. The possibilities and opportunities are virtually endless.