hbaLearningSolutions: Development Process for eLearning / mLearning

Our development process is collaborative and seeks inputs from various Client staff in the development of the eLearning/mLearning content.

We carry out a "Gap Analysis" to determine where the level of knowledge is now, and then determine in concert with the Client, what the expected "Learning Outcomes" will be for the training content. We will determine measurable outcomes.

We will work with the client to identify staff "Learning Needs and Styles" as this may impact  the instructional design of the content to be presented.

We work with Client "Subject Matter Experts" (SME's) to understand the nature of your content so that we can ultimately become knowledgeable in the content.   It is important to "Assess and Analyze" how the content can be presented in the most effect manner for content retention.

We then enter the "Plan and Prototype" development phase where our Instructional Designer can begin to shape the final content ready for Prototyping by the eLearning Developer.

Once the Client has signed off on the Prototype, we enter the "Development/Creation" process where the eLearning Developer completes the Beta design.

The Beta is subject to a full "Development Review" by HBA staff and appropriate Client staff.

Upon completion the Project enters the "Gold Implementation" part of the process where we work with the Client to complete the operational install of the Learning application and offer any Coaching or Technology transfer that is required.