eLearning / mLearning

Why eLearning / mLearning?

  • reduce time for staff away from the office
  • travel costs can be eliminated to bring staff to central office location
  • content retention can be measured
  • intial content reviewed as part of blended learning

We follow our "Development Process" for eLearning / mLearning, so that we can carryout the detailed development of an online Training program.

We Focus on eLearning / mLearning environments by developing content tailored to delivery on the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile platforms.

Don't Know Where to Start?

We can help with your whole eLearning solution.

  • scope and evaluate your eLearning projects
  • develop your training plan and assist with cost justification
  • create custom interactive training courses and tutorials
  • develop secure web sites to centralize and personalize employee training
  • produce web seminars and podcasts
  • convert paper content to online formats
  • integrate eLearning with your current systems

Just Need Some Help?

We can work with your eLearning team.

  • develop learning objects and templates to facilitate in-house course creation
  • train your staff to use course development tools
  • provide¬†project management and mentoring services
  • provide instructional design methodologies